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  • 09.04.2021
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Machines play a major role in industry and perform important tasks. Notably in production, they are irreplaceable and should always be kept up to date. But what should you do with the predecessors if they are still completely intact? Many young entrepreneurs would lick their fingers for these production sites and that's where Maschinenportal24.de comes into play.

Why not offer used machines for resale? Help others with used machines and not leave empty-handed. On this portal, companies could offer the discarded machines for resale. In this case, companies that are just starting out can build a foothold cheaply and benefit from the resale. The result is a win-win situation in which the portal handles all modalities. After purchase, the machines are promptly loaded and transported to the desired customer. Customer service is always available on both sides and assists with any questions. In the event of a machine failure, companies can benefit from reselling to another company. By reselling you can get a used machine swiftly and readily, which is still completely intact and only for sale by a newer model or a company liquidation.

Advantages at a glance:

- The used machines can be quickly offered for resale

- smooth resale

- delivery worldwide

- Customer service available 24/7

A service from which both sides benefit and in which the entire process runs almost automatically. A company puts a used machine up for auction or for direct sale in the portal and machine seekers could get it at a comparable bargain.

In the industry, machine suppliers help machine hunters.

With these machines, it is usually not easy to find a buyer. Who needs a stationary production facility if not another company? On this portal, they can easily be used for resale. Small and large companies are constantly looking to retire their previous production assistants and are happy to fall back on a used machine if it is still completely intact.

Together we stick together in industry. ( Sticking together in the Industry)

The portal enables the stationary production facilities to be offered worldwide for resale. Through resale, a discarded machine still finds a functional use and does not have to be thrown away as scrap. What machinists are looking for can be offered here and offered in auctions or direct sales. With quality assurance, both companies are on the safe side when trading via Maschinenportal24.de, the point of contact, when it comes to used machines.