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In our help section, you will find all the information regarding our portal. If you have any questions or have issues using the portal, read our F.A.Q’s.

Perhaps, there is an answer to your query. If not, please contact our support team and they’ll kindly assist you.

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MaschinenPortal24 is an international electronic trading platform (IEH) with an integrated business directory. Registration on our portal takes place on a commercial and non-commercial basis (only for buyers). Depending on the chosen tariff, registered users have the option of offering a certain number of advertisements for sale and of using the company catalog.

The company directory is a database of various international companies and organizations, sorted by category and industry. Each registered user fills out a form that contains comprehensive information about the company. The company card contains a description of the company, details of the number of employees, contact information, e-mail addresses, telephone and fax. Furthermore, it is also possible to upload services, catalogs, and scans of certificates in PDF format, which contains information about the company.

The ad marketplace includes several services that merchants can use to improve the efficiency of their business. Every registered user can offer a product or service for sale and receive inquiries from buyers as well. The price is not specified in the advertisements, as this is only communicated on request. If a customer wants to quote a price when listing a product, they must use the auction platform to sell goods or services with prices.

Auctions, as well as advertisements, offer participants a range of services that will increase the efficiency of your company. There it is possible to organize an auction for a product or a service to carry out an auction. Furthermore, there are also options to sell an item immediately at a fixed price or to use the bid option, in addition, you can set the number of goods to up to 10 units per auction.

Before you can use our portal as a participant, you have to register, which only takes a few minutes. To do so, click the "Register" button at the top right of the portal which will forward you then to the tariff zone. If you select the appropriate tariff and fill out the required fields, you will reach the last step of registration. Our system will send you a confirmation email with a confirmation link. Please confirm your email by clicking the link. However, a personal account must be verified and approved by an administrator. Depending on which tariff you have selected when registered, you will receive an invoice for the payment of the annual subscription.

After you have registered and confirmed your email, it will take another 24 hours for your personal account to be activated by the administrator. Administrators will check your registration data and activate access to your "personal account" within 24 hours. Sometimes activation takes a little longer because administrators can sometimes request additional information from portal members. After activating the "personal account" a confirmation email will be sent. If you haven't received a response within 48 hours, please contact support. E-mails can be moved to the spam folder. Therefore, in addition to checking the "Inbox" folder, check the "Spam" folder as well. After confirmation, you can use the portal as a registered user.

Have you successfully created your new member account? Then we recommend that you always log in when you want to buy or sell an item. This enables us to personalize your transactions even more.

If you have an item for sale or want to bid for an auction, you need to log in. After logging in, you can also access your personal member account. It gives you a good overview of all of your purchases, sales, and items on your watchlist.

Login member area.

  1. Go to "Login": Enter your username and password.
  2. Select the "Login" button.
If you cannot log into your member account

If you're having trouble signing in, check the following:

  • Make sure Caps Lock is off;
  • Check your entry for typos;

If you recently changed your password, the old data may still be stored in your browser. Enter the new password manually.

If you're still having trouble signing in, please reset your password.

How to log out of the system ("Member Area")

To log out, select "Log out" in the top right corner. We recommend that you always log out of your account after your session has ended. This is especially important if you are using a public or shared device.

You cannot change your username. Please select the correct and desired username when registering. The new username can only be changed if your user account is removed from the portal by the administrator. To delete your user account, contact the administration via email. Please be advised, you have to remove all your published auctions and ads before your user account can be deleted.

To change your contact information, you need to log in and switch to your personal user account, this will allow you to change your contact information, which is listed in the "My Account" and "Personal Information" sections. Don't forget to save your contact information after changing it by clicking the "Save" button.

If you've forgotten your password, want to reset or change it for security reasons, you can do so. We also recommend that you update your password regularly to protect your user account.

How can you reset your password if you've forgotten?

If you've forgotten your password, go to "Forgot your username or password?" The system will send you a new password by email. If you haven't received a message within 5 minutes, check your spam folder. 

Change password for security reasons.

If you know your current password but want to change it, do the following: Log into the system and go to your "Personal Account". 

How to proceed:

  1. Please log in.
  2. Go to your "Membership Account".
  3. Go to "Personal Information".
  4. Enter a new password.
  5. Save it.

If you have problems changing your password. 

  1. If you've followed the steps above and are having trouble changing or resetting your password, try the following: When entering a new password, make sure “Caps Lock” is not on.
  2. Empty the cache and delete the cookies in your browser.
  3. Make sure your browser does not automatically fill in the password field with the old password. Enter your new password manually or disable the auto-complete settings in your browser.

By default, you will automatically receive notifications to your registered email address in the following cases:

  • When you receive inquiries about offers or questions about your products;
  •  Notifications from the administration;
  • Newsletter dispatch

Use the company card to contact the company. You can contact the company representatives directly using the phone number, fax, or email address provided for public access and our contact form.

To use the contact form, click the "Contact Company" button and fill out the form. Then submit it by clicking the "Submit" button.

Any user interested in a product can contact the seller and ask questions or request a quote. To do this, go directly to the advertisement. On the advertisement card on the right there is a form for contacting the seller. Fill it out completely and click the "Submit" button. The seller receives your request for this ad.

Only a registered user can ask the seller a question. To do this, log in and go to the auction card. On the right side of the auction card is the "Contact Seller" button. When you click there, a form for contacting the seller will appear. When you fill it out and hit the submit button you are asking the seller a question.

There is only one way to contact the buyer. If you have been asked a question using the form on the portal, all the data for contacting the buyer are included in the e-mail that our system has sent to your e-mail address.

To ensure that MaschinenPortal24 can offer a safe service for buyers and sellers, we have drawn up rules that all participants must adhere to. If you have a problem with a customer who is not following our guidelines, please let us know. We will check it.

When does a buyer have to be reported?

You should only report problems with customers if you believe a customer is violating our policies. For example: A buyer has not paid for an item bought at an auction.

We would like to support you in the professional sale of your products on MaschinenPortal24 and ensure smooth transactions and customer satisfaction. In order to be able to sell on an industrial portal, you need a user account. If you don't have an account yet, register as a new user.

To register, do the following:

  1. Click the Register button.
  2. Choose your desired tariff.
  3. Enter the required information and complete the registration.
  4. We may ask you to confirm your details and pay the annual subscription you have chosen.

After verification of your identity, you can log in immediately and start selling, to do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Log into the system with "Login".
  2. Go to the sales form via "Sell".
  3. Fill out all the forms for the product you want to sell.
  4. After completing the forms, confirm the sale by clicking the "Save" button.

You may also be asked to confirm your identity in order to ensure the security of your MaschinenPortal24 user account.

If you would like to offer a product or service for sale, first decide whether you want to offer the product as an advertisement with the "Price on request" option or as an auction with the "Buy it now", "Price proposal" or "Fixed price" options.

Then enter the name, brand, and model of the item and describe what you want to sell. Include product characteristics such as condition or size. Then add photos. Select the shipping options you offer the buyer, specify your return policy, and the payment methods you accept. We also encourage you to read our Sales Policy and Prohibited Items Policy. 

Description of goods 

Describe the item, in as much detail as possible, so that when reading an ad or auction, the buyer gets the information they need to know about the item. Don't leave room for ambiguity.

The description should contain the following:

The top reasons to buy your product. 

Precise information about what is included in your offer: For example, if you sell a used machine, you should specify which machine components are included, what the condition is, which technical properties are given, the operating hours etc. 

The text should be written correctly, as it looks more serious.

Condition of goods 

Everything related to industry can be sold on the portal, from new goods to spare parts dispensers. It is very important to be very honest about the condition of the item so that customers know exactly what they are receiving.

Possible options for the condition of the goods

New: a brand new, unused product in its original packaging.

New exhibit: an object that was used to demonstrate to a customer (for example at an exhibition), with the manufacturer's original open packaging and a minimum number of operating hours (almost zero).

Used like new: in the production process for some time and with minimal signs of use.

General overhaul: a technical product, fully functional, which has been professionally repaired by the manufacturer or an authorized representative of the manufacturer.

Used, partially overhauled: fully functional, some units have been replaced with new ones or defective parts have been partially replaced with new ones.

Used, very good: neat and functional condition of the product, without defects and with a maintenance history.

Used, good: product in perfect condition with no defects.

Used, average: the product has been checked or smaller parts, consumables need to be replaced.

Used (must be repaired): In working order but requires repairs of certain mechanisms or components for further use.

Used, Defective (Spare Parts Dispenser): A defective product that cannot be restored but can be used to restore another similar product as a dispenser.

Selling goods internationally is easy, because buyers from all over the world can see your ads and auctions, you have the opportunity to grow your business internationally. If you offer your product on our portal, your offers are automatically visible to buyers outside Germany. We show them with no additional commission for sellers.

If you have an item for sale, make sure you offer international shipping as your item will automatically appear on all supported international portals.

For a better presentation of your product on international portals, the seller has the option of filling out the description of the product in a foreign language. If you don't speak any foreign languages, leave the fields blank and your product description will be automatically translated into other languages.

Also, remember that when selling to overseas buyers, you must meet the legal requirements of your country and the country of the buyer.

You can sell a product by submitting an ad on the portal. When selecting an advertisement, the seller can offer the goods for sale without specifying the price with the option "price on request". After the buyer has contacted the seller via the contact form on the advertisement card, the seller can create an individual commercial offer and send it to a future customer by email.

Follow these steps to create your ad.

  1. Log into the system via "Login".
  2. Go to the "Sell" sales form.
  3. Select the appropriate category for your product.
  4. Select the "Ad" option and add a description of the item in one or more languages. Optionally, you can add descriptions in other languages ​​or leave them blank so that they are automatically translated into other languages. Don't include your email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, or any other contact information in the description as the ad will be removed immediately. Your contact information is in the lower left corner of the ad card.
  5. In the next few steps, make the settings for your ad and add files to upload, choose payment methods, describe the conditions for dismantling, transportation, etc.
  6. After previewing your ad, do the final step, "Save and Publish".

The advertisement will then be listed in the advertisement directory.

When you put an item up for auction, you set a starting price and potential buyers bid on that item. After the end of the auction, the participant who has bid the highest price will be awarded.

A lower starting price can help attract more buyers to your product. When creating an auction, you can add a Buy Now option. The "Buy now" option is valid until the first bid is placed. The buy-it-now price must be higher than the starting price of the auction.

For example, when selling a truck, you can add a "reserve price" to ensure that you are selling the truck at a reasonable price. When you set up an auction, you can also activate the "Price proposal" option. This ensures the buyer's interest in your product and offers the buyer the opportunity to offer you their price for your product.

Follow these steps to create an auction.

  1. Log into the system with "Login".
  2. Go to the "Sell" sales form.
  3. Select the appropriate category for your product.
  4. Select the "Auction" option and add a description of the item in a language. Optionally, you can add descriptions in other languages ​​or leave them blank so that they are automatically translated into other languages. Do not include email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information in the description as such auctions will be deleted immediately. Your contact information is in the lower left corner of the auction card.
  5. In the next few steps, make the settings for your auction: start price, minimum price, select the option "Buy now" or "Price proposal", also select the duration and the start date of the auction.
  6. Upload photos, PDF files, choose payment methods, describe the conditions for dismantling, transportation, etc.
  7. After previewing your ad, do the final step, "Save and Place Auction".

The reserve price is the minimum amount that must be reached at an auction so that the seller can sell his item. If the minimum price is not reached, the item will not be sold.

The seller can add a reserve price if the item goes up for auction. The minimum price is not specified in the offer and the buyer only sees the minimum price when he reaches or exceeds it. This means that even if the buyer offers the highest price at the end of the auction, he will not receive the item because the reserve price has not been reached.

Buy it now is the easiest way to set a price for an item because it gives customers the ability to buy an item without placing a bid. In this case the product is sold at a fixed price.

To further enhance your sales opportunities, add the "Price proposal" option to your auction. This shows the buyer that you are ready to negotiate the price of the goods. If you receive an offer from an interested party, you can accept or reject the offer. The buyer offers their price for your product, which is valid for 24 hours. This gives you the opportunity to achieve an optimal price for both parties.

The limit of items in an auction is 10 units, by select the "Buy now" or "Price proposal" option.

Please note that an auction can only be canceled or suspended if no bids have been submitted. Ads can be removed or paused at any time. To do this, follow the steps below.

Delete ad.

  1. Log in to the system with "Login".
  2. Go to "Personal Account".
  3. Go to "My Ad".
  4. Delete.

Delete auction.

  1. Log in to the system with "Login".
  2. Go to "Personal Account".
  3. Go to "My Auctions".
  4. Delete.

You do not have to be a registered user in the portal to buy a product in the advertising catalog. Simply open the advertisement card and fill out the “Ask a question” form. Then click the "Submit" button and your request will be sent to the seller. Upon receipt of your request, the seller will contact you and make a offer for the product or service.

To be able to participate in an auction, you have to register on the portal. In this way you can use all portal functions. 

Before you bid, you can ask the seller a question. To do this, go to the auction card and fill out the contact form. Then click the "Submit" button and your questions will be sent to the seller. After receiving your request, the seller will answer your questions by email. 

Important: Only one product or service can be auctioned in an auction. If the seller used additional options such as "Buy It Now" and / or "Price proposal" when setting up an auction and entering the quantity of 10 units, the system allows the buyer to buy up to 10 units at a time.

Example 1

If the starting price of the auction is € 10, you can bid € 10 or more. If you have placed a higher bid, e.g. € 25, the auction price remains € 10 and your limit is saved as a reserve. If nobody bids anymore, you will purchase the item for € 10 at the end of the auction.

Example 2

If the auction starts at € 10, you can bid € 10 or more. If you have placed a higher bid, for example € 25, the price of the auction will remain at € 10, and your limit will be saved as a reserve. If another buyer takes part in the auction besides you who places a bid of € 15, the price of the auction increases to € 15. At the same time, participant number 2 will not be the highest bidder because your limit is € 25. This will keep you the leading bidder in the auction. Bids are automatically submitted for you by our robot (bidding system) until your limit is exceeded by a higher bid from another auction participant.

If someone places a higher bid than yours, the system will inform you that you are no longer the leading bidder. Accordingly, you can stay in the auction by placing a higher bid for the product. If your bid remains the highest at the end of the auction period, then you will win.

"Minimum price" option      

If the seller enabled and set the reserve price when creating an auction and your bid was highest at the end of the auction but did not exceed the seller's specified reserve price, the auction will end without a sale.

Combination "auction" + "buy it now"

If the seller selects the "Buy it now" option at an auction, an additional "Buy it now" button with a fixed price is displayed on the auction card in addition to the starting price of the product. In this case, the buyer can immediately buy the goods at a higher price without bidding. However, this option remains until a participant has submitted a bid for the goods. If one of the participants makes a bid, the "Buy now" option is closed and the item is auctioned in standard mode.

Combination "auction" + "price proposal"

If the auction has an additional "Price proposal" button, the buyer has the option of proposing his price to the seller. After the buyer has offered his price, the seller is informed of the price offered. He can accept the offered price for the goods within 48 hours. If the seller does not agree with the buyer's price, it will be ignored. If another buyer bids on the item, the price offered by the first buyer will be void and the auction will continue according to the standard mode.

Buying more than one unit

If more than one item is up for sale at auction, the entire quantity can be bought using the "Buy it now" or "Price proposal" options. If one of the participants has submitted a bid, an auction takes place for one unit of the goods and the rest of the goods can be bought with "Buy it now" or "Price proposal".

In order to be able to participate in the auctions, you must be a registered member of the portal. Registration on our portal is possible from the age of 18. After selecting a tariff and registering, your user account will be checked and activated by our administration.

Registered users can buy a product immediately if the "Buy it now" option has been selected by the seller and a price has been set up. To buy an item you must log in and open the auction. Then click the "Buy it now" button. If the quantity of goods sold is more than one unit, you can choose any quantity, but no more than which is for sale. Please confirm your purchase, after you are the new owner of the product.

Please note: The price stated on the auction is the price of the item for one unit!

Registered users can offer the seller their price for the goods if the seller has set the "Price proposal" option on the auction. In order to buy an article, you must log into the system and open the auction with the option "Price proposal". Then click the "Offer Price" button and enter your price offer.

If the sold quantity of a product is more than one unit, you can select any quantity, but not more than what is offered for sale. Offer your price that you are willing to pay for this product. The seller will then receive a notification with your offered price.

The seller has 48 hours to confirm the sale of the goods for the offered price. If you have not received confirmation of the sale from the seller within 48 hours, you can try to offer the seller a different, higher price for the goods.

The price you offer for the goods is the price for one unit.

In the advertisement / auction card you can see which payment methods the seller accepts. Payments take place directly between the seller and buyer without the involvement of our portal.