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Unfortunately, a deleted or expired ad / auctions cannot be reactivated. 

  1. Deactivate an ad / auctions, and do not delete them, so you have access to it and can reactivate it if necessary. 
  2. Save a copy of the ad / auction or take a picture or screenshot in case something goes wrong.
If you don't need an ad or auction right now, don't delete it, simply deactivate your ad or auction for a certain period of time.


After deactivating an ad / auction, only you can see it. You can find the option "deactivate ad / auction" on the ad or auction card, if you are logged into the system as a registered user. 

Deactivation is particularly useful if you have almost sold the goods, and do not want to receive any further inquiries. 

With the "Activate" button you can activate the deactivated ad/ auction, so it will be visible for all users again.

Deactivating your ad or auction does not affect the duration of your ad or auction.

To delete an ad / auction, log in and then go to the ad or auction card, press "Delete" or log into your personal account and go to "My Ads / Open Auctions" choose the ad / auction and press "Delete".

If you only want to activate an ad or auction for a short period of time, see this subsection for additional information.

Please only use images in jpg, gif or png format. The size of an image cannot exceed 12 MB.

Furthermore, please check the settings of your computer. Errors are often caused by an outdated version of the browser.

Make sure that your internet connection is stable enough when you visit our web portal. It is not uncommon for errors to occur due to a weak WLAN connection.

If you run into problems whilst working with the portal, i.e.,  searching for products does not work or a 404-error occurs, please report this to our support and don't forget to describe which actions you have entered.  Provide a link to a page, or an example.

Here are the most common reasons on why you cannot upload an image:

  1. The size of the image is more than 12 MB. Compress the image and upload it again.
  2. The image format is not supported. Upload the images in JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF format.
  3. The internet connection is slow or interrupted. Upload the images later or via another network. (WIFI or mobile connection on your phone)
  4. Browser problems
  • Clearing the cache and temporary files (cookies) can be helpful if your browser is not working properly or some elements of the website do not load.

Clearing the cache and cookies can be helpful if your browser is not working properly or some elements of the website are not loading. Important to note: If you delete your cookies, you will be automatically logged out on most websites.

How to clear the cache

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

How to delete cookies

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge

The message is usually sent directly to the seller, but to protect our users, we filter spam and other suspicious messages. If there is any suspicion of fraud or a violation of our rules, we reserve the right to postpone or refuse to deliver messages.

Therefore, make sure that you adhere to the terms of our service. Your message will be sent and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Please check your spam folder, or open your email in MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. In most cases you just have to be patient, because the recipient of your e-mail has probably not read it yet. You can also contact the user again.

If the buyer who bought your goods through the ad (not auction) and does not respond to your request to pay for the goods, you can send another message asking them to pay for the goods they bought.

If the buyer still does not respond, you can sell the goods to other interested customers. To do this, simply accept a new request from another prospective customer. The first request from the buyer who did not answer will then be automatically invalid.