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After deactivating an ad / auction, only you can see it. You can find the option "deactivate ad / auction" on the ad or auction card, if you are logged into the system as a registered user. 
Deactivation is particularly useful if you have almost sold the goods, and do not want to receive any further inquiries. 
With the "Activate" button you can activate the deactivated ad/ auction, so it will be visible for all users again.
Deactivating your ad or auction does not affect the duration of your ad or auction.
Unfortunately, a deleted or expired ad / auctions cannot be reactivated. 
1. Deactivate an ad / auctions, and do not delete them, so you have access to it and can reactivate it if necessary. 
2. Save a copy of the ad / auction or take a picture or screenshot in case something goes wrong.
If you don't need an ad or auction right now, don't delete it, simply deactivate your ad or auction for a certain period of time.