Purchase of used machines
  • 06.04.2021
  • 633

An indispensable machine breaks down unexpectedly - an adequate replacement must be procured promptly. However, the acquisition is often indispensable even in the context of a planned company expansion or conversion.

Momentarily, companies are reasoning more and more about buying used machines. Compared to purchasing new products, this option offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) extensive advantages from which they will benefit in the long term.

Requirements for an industrial machine are certainly significantly higher than devices for private use. Therefore, when buying used machines, it is important to pay attention to essential criteria in order to be able to assume a worthwhile investment.

What does one look for when buying a used machine? In order to select a second-hand machine that meets your requirements, a few essential criteria must be considered.

For example, these include:

• Select reputable sales portals (read authentic customer reviews, etc.)

• Devices must be suitable for individual conditions of use

• If necessary, extend the guarantee period

• Test used machines if fundamental

• Check to what extent the spare parts supply is guaranteed

Enormous savings potential with used machines

If a company is about to purchase a new machine, this is associated with considerable financial outlay. Above all, SMEs are burdened to a great extent, as capital is often tied up in the acquisition process that is no longer available elsewhere. In many cases, medium-sized companies also must finance machines with a loan, which represents further economic risks and requires an exact calculation. Consequently, buying used machines appears to be a highly effective means. Used does not mean used up at the same time. Many products can be purchased at relatively low prices, for example at an auction.

The loss in value of new machines is particularly apparent in the first year, thereby when purchasing a machine, savings potential of up to 50 percent are quite realistic. These devices are almost as good as new, in that there is usually no compromise in terms of durability and reliability over the coming years.

Immediate availability of the used machines

On making a decision for a used machine, long delivery times are not to be expected.

Used machines are quickly dismantled and assembled and can be immediately used at your own company. This criterion also speaks in favor of purchasing a used model, because the immediate availability means that there are no delays in production processes and similar processes in your own company.

Inexpensive modification of used machines possible

Machines are often offered by the seller as overhauled and equipped with an additionally extended guarantee. In addition, the models can be brought cost-effectively to the state of the art, for example by using modified software or hardware. In addition to the potential for savings when purchasing, for example, significantly improved energy efficiency can also be achieved, which will reduce costs in the long term. Technical optimization is also a factor that will prove to be beneficial in the long term.

Purchase of used machines for individual needs

In addition to the economic aspect, other considerations should also be contemplated when deciding to buy a second-hand machine. The trade offers examples of devices that are rarely found on the market, but are indispensable to produce special work parts. New machines often meet these requirements, so that the system can either be kept expensive or replaced by a used product. As a result, orders can continue to be processed in the interests of the customers, in order for operations to be maintained.