Long goods storage Rimmert RKLT - 3000
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  • Designation:Long goods storage
  • Manufacturer:Rimmert (show all)
  • Model:RKLT - 3000
  • Manufacture year:2002
  • Conditions:used (good)
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Manufacturer: Remmert
Type: RKLT 3000, cassette tower
Year of construction: 2002
Condition: very good
Availability: end of 2021

Shelf system for pipes and long goods
consisting of:
1 steel frame RKLT - 3000
Steel frame made of steel construction profiles in welded and screwed design consisting of:
Supports with welded-on support arms to hold the cassettes
Support attachment by means of floor plates screwed to the concrete floor using adhesive anchors
Push-through protection
Dressings in the transverse and longitudinal direction
Electrical installation by means of cable ducts, etc. on the steel frame
Technical data of the steel frame:
Number of shelf blocks: 1 piece
Total usable number of cassette storage locations: 26 pieces
Max. Payload / cassette storage space: 30 kN
1 pc of safety devices
Protective fence
A protective fence running around the system prevents unauthorized entry.
Safety light barriers
The station openings are protected by BG-tested light barriers
Cassette - type RKLT 3000
The side walls consist of folded C-sheet metal profiles. Floor bars are welded in at a distance of approx. 1050 mm.
Except in the area of the floor spars, the cassette is open at the bottom and at both ends.
Additional spacers welded to the side walls in the area of the floor rails create a gap
who it z. B. for material storage makes it easy to put a rope slip around the material.
The cassettes are painted to RAL 9002. They carry a legible label with the 4-digit cassette number for identification.
Technical specifications:
Number of cassettes: 26 pieces
Load: 30 kN.
Inside width of the cassette: 720 mm
Inside height of the cassette: 265 mm
Inside length of the cassette: 6500 mm
Width subdivisions (3-fold)
The cassette width can be continuously subdivided in its entire clear width to accommodate several different material positions.
3 base rails (front, middle, rear) are welded into each cassette.
1 pc.forklift - type RKLT 3000
The forklift consists of the following components:
Frame: - Sectional steel construction
Hoist: - Triplex roller chain hoist
- 1 pole-changing lifting drive
- Load-independent absolute encoder for the Y-axis
Lifting traverse: - 2 support carriages
- 1 drive, frequency controlled
Technical data: Function V max.
Lifting 16 m / min
Telescoping 16/32 m / min
Payload: 30 kN
2 cross single station (chain conveyor)
The transverse single stations are designed as chain conveyors
(Exit path = 1 x cassette width)
For safety reasons, the cassette is moved in dead man's mode.
Technical data Function V max chain conveyor, frequency-controlled 24 m / min
Electric control:
1 PLC control Siemens S7
1 control panel
1 modem
various switching and monitoring devices, energy supply and distribution for the system
Operating modes:
Service operation:
Jog mode in fine input and automatic positioning
Automatic mode:
The following functions can be called up on the operator terminal:
Service function
Error display
Order entry via cassette no.
Computer technology
Warehouse computer MFR
Connection MFR and the ZEDV
All components of the system (except cassettes) are primed and painted with a minimum layer thickness of 80 μm
The cassettes are lacquered twice with a minimum layer thickness of 40 μm
Color: RAL 5010 RAL 9002

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